New Beginnings

3 pencils diagnoally on the left and 3 rubbers opposite on a white backgroun with New Beginnings text on a light pink box

I'm really excited to start this new blog. If you've previously followed me from my lovely 9 year old blog Cupcake Mumma, then first of all thank you, it means a lot to me that you will continue to follow my writing as I begin a new chapter.

Why change?

Cupcake Mumma was 'born' in 2011, 7 months after I had my youngest and went looking for a new hobby. I loved to write, I enjoyed it a lot which continued to be the way until late 2016 when I started to feel less motivated. In early 2017, after my marriage broke down, I found myself drawn less and less to writing on the blog.

I would pick things up every now and again but I feel it was obvious that I no longer had the same interest or motivation on the blog. After moving to Kent my family became bigger and it became a blended family. We have had many ups and downs over the last 3 years and I have not felt the want to share our private lives over this period. As a result, I began to look at what I was doing and questioning: Where was I going with this blog?

For the last 2 months I have gone back and fourth about writing on Cupcake Mumma. The truth is, although for some people they can separate their old content from the new and maybe re brand, I felt like I needed a fresh start. The woman who started and wrote Cupcake Mumma is a very different woman today.

I am older, my children are older and I will be giving them more privacy. Anything I share on here about our family lives will be done with consent from all 4 of my children. I have grown passionate since becoming a full time carer to my boyfriend with Muscular Dystrophy about disability rights and particularly accessibility issues for those with different disabilities with a focus on independent wheelchair users.

I am keen to share more about being a full time carer and hope to share other people's experiences as well. 

I also suffer with a condition that is hugely misunderstood called Chronic Blushing, also known as excessive blushing or to give it its medical name: Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema. It's more than 'just' blushing and has a huge impact on the lives of those who also have the condition. I want to share my experiences with blushing especially the link between blushing and mental health. 

I really hope you'll enjoy reading any and all of my posts as I embark on this new journey with my lovely family!

Hannah x